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We’re SpatialDev—an award-winning data visualization team. We use cool technologies to represent complex information in ways that make sense— make important things more visible - help reinforce values that can make a difference – and move things forward.

Simple. Spatial. Sustainable.
Connect with us:
CLIENT: Open Aid Partnership/The World Bank
An open source, mapping & visualization application supporting Open Aid Partnership global aid investments, under direction of World Bank.
Arab Spatial
Arab Spatial
CLIENT: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Bring greater visibility to emerging food crises affecting vulnerable populations in the Middle East and North Africa.
Invasive Species
Invasive Species
CLIENT: Washington Invasive Species Council (WISC)
A mobile application leverages crowdsourcing functionality to help combat invasive plant and animal species in Washington State.
CLIENT: Private Foundation
An interactive web map is designed to inform decisions for expanding financial services access in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
CLIENT: Harvest Choice
Consolidate vast libraries of agriculture-related data so developers are able to compare and contrast locations and pinpoint areas that need assistance.
CLIENT: Private Foundation
Connect people running parallel projects in the same areas of the world—allowing them to maximize resources, build partnerships and share information.
CLIENT: Harvest Choice
An API exposing a number of methods that provide access to over one hundred spatially-explicit agricultural datasets for sub-Saharan Africa.
CLIENT: Harvest Choice
Present a clear picture of the pros and cons of various investment scenarios for developing water resources in Africa.
CLIENT: Private Foundation
Ensure grant-making decisions have a positive and sustainable impact on the environment.
CLIENT: World Bank
Reduce the impact of disasters by empowering decision-makers with clear information and tools.
CLIENT: The MapStory Foundation
Create a great user experience that allows people from all over the world to easily convey, layer and share their stories visually.
Present real-time information and predictive models about planet Earth based on data from orbiting satellites.
CLIENT: Clean Energy Works Oregon
Reduce waste and create energy-efficient communities through location-relevant solutions.
CLIENT: EcityGov Alliance
Enhance the connection between citizens and their communities by placing key information at their fingertips.

We’re all about successful clients.
Client collaboration makes our work great. We’ll be your partners from beginning to end —from ideation and strategy through implementation to sustainment. First we listen—to make sure we get what you want to achieve. Then we bring together the right people and package the best data, technology and approach to make your vision a reality.
Our Core Services
Interactive Visualization
We design and build things to visually represent big, complex stuff.

Our work communicates information clearly through interactive maps, charts and infographs. We combine content, form and function to help you interpret data, predict outcomes and report findings - so you and your customers make better informed decisions.
Strategy and Analysis
We don’t just capture data; we help you make sense of it.

Uncover patterns. Predict outcomes. Produce statistics. We’ll help you automate frequently performed analytical tasks into reusable tools—as extensions to desktop software or via the web.
Mobile Applications
Access the information you need when you need it—whether you’re sitting at your desk or in the field.

We consider all of the devices you may be using when designing software. Touch-interaction is never an afterthought and all our web projects translate easily to your tablet or smartphone.
User Experience Design
No matter how great the functionality of a product, if nobody uses it, it’s a waste. That’s why we focus heavily on user experience in everything we do.

We are relentlessly user-centered from usability design to product marketing and launch strategy.
How We Do It
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jubal harpster
Jubal "Daddy Harpy" Harpster
todd slind
Todd "Slindy" Slind
grant mckenzie
Grant "G-Mac" McKenzie
ryan whitley
Ryan "Chubbs" Whitley
daniel duarte
Daniel "D-Boy" Duarte
clint cabanero
Clint Cabanero
eric karmak
Eric Kramak
naomi menahem
Naomi Menahem
rene rodriguez
Rene "Hugo" Rodriguez
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Rich Gwozdz
shawna paradee
Shawna Paradee
heidi johnson
Heidi Johnson
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Phoebe Merritt
adam roberts
Adam Roberts
mike leech
Mike Leech
nick hallahan
Nick Hallahan
Our leading edge spatial software development firm is always on the lookout for the best and brightest minds to join our growing team. Currently, we’re looking to fill the following positions:
Software Developer Software Developer

At SpatialDev, we develop highly visual applications using the coolest technology out there. Our developers play a huge role in helping our clients make important things more visible. At their core, our developers are curious by nature. They enjoy the freedom to explore new tools and methods, and apply them in a collaborative, team environment. If this sounds like you, get in touch with us.

We’re looking for an experienced, ingenious developer to join us in dreaming up creative solutions to our client’s challenges. Ideally, you will have a few years of experience under your belt and can work both independently and in support of a larger team. We use a variety of tools at SpatialDev, so it’s important that you have experience deploying different platforms and frameworks and, just as important, learning new ones.

All of this is great, but there’s one more thing. Communication. To give our team ultimate flexibility in their work environment, we need effective communicators. You know what we mean.

What you’ll do

As a developer, you will be responsible for being both a lead and support developer on a variety of projects. Some days, you’ll be coding PHP and managing PostGIS databases. Other days, you’ll be writing spatial SQL or implementing beautiful web designs. Your assignments will last anywhere from a day to a year (or more). Some of the things to highlight in your resume to catch our eye include:

  • Passionate about clean, semantic code.
  • Strong CSS, JavaScript, and either jQuery or Dojo skills.
  • Self-starter able to effectively manage multiple projects at once.
  • Experienced with managing projects and code with git (GitHub).
  • Good understanding of responsive design, grid systems, layout and color, asset production, typography and a meticulous attention to pixel-level detail.
  • Great work habits, organizational, project management skills and flexible enough to roll with changing priorities and tight deadlines.
  • Brainstormer and collaborator.
  • Self-motivated and creative problem-solver.

We’d be really excited to see experience in:

  • Experience with PHP, .Net, Ruby or other frameworks.
  • Experience working with and/or developing APIs.
  • An understanding of browser compatibility
  • Experience with mapping/GIS frameworks such as OpenGeo, MapBox, Esri, or CartoDB

You’ll be excited to hear that, as a SpatialDev employee, you’ll get:

  • Health insurance
  • Support to explore new tools and technology, the things it takes to keep you at the top of your game
  • Flexible work hours (remember that part about communication)
  • Convenient access to Seattle’s best coffee shops and restaurants
  • Ample opportunities for international travel


Send a brief letter and your resume to info (at) spatialdev (dot) com. Include links to a few live websites that showcase your skills, and tell us about your involvement in their development. We look forward to hearing from you!

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learn more

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