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The American Red Cross

Aiding in data collection in disaster and low bandwidth environments.

  • Tech: Java, Node.js, Angular, Python
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Spatial Predictive Model

BMGF Grand Challenge Exploration

Predicting the location of financial access points with social media.

  • Tech: Android, PostgreSQL, Node.js, PGRestAPI
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Portfolio Mapping Tool

Private Foundation

Connecting people across the globe through map-based collaboration.

  • Tech: Node.js, Angular, PostgreSQL, SpatialDev's Spatial Server, Grunt
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Open Aid Map

Open Aid Partnership/The World Bank

Visualizing aid investments around the world.

  • Tech: PHP, PostgreSQL, GeoServer, Backbone, Grunt
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The American Red Cross

Mapping disasters in real-time.

  • Tech: SpatialDev's Spatial Server, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Grunt
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IRRAS Mapping Tool

Catholic Relief Services

Comparing effectiveness of farming practices.

  • Tech: SpatialDev's Spatial Server, ForumHub, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Drupal
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Africa Rising


Mapping and monitoring feed the future projects for USAID.

  • Tech: Esri, .NET, SQLServer
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eCityGov Alliance

Building a one-stop-shop for municipal geographic information.

  • Tech: SQLServer, Dojo, ESRI ArcGIS Server
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Documenting Land Rights

Cadasta - prototype

Developing open source technology platform for land rights.

  • Tech: CKAN, Node.js, Angular, PostgreSQL, ODK, Leaflet
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