Helping clients through the development lifecycle.

SpatialDev in a nutshell...

Our applications are used around the world to get a handle on an emerging crisis, visualize data, inform decision making, gain deeper insight, support advocacy, and provide transparency. These spatial tools are powerful engines for our clients' success. Some of these clients are start-up technology companies who we help differentiate themselves by adding the special (or spatial) sauce to their products and services.

Concept, Implementation, and Beyond

SpatialDev meets you where you are in the lifecycle of mobile or web dev. From the early stages of strategy and design, to engineering to implementation to testing and deployment, to marketing and sustainment – SpatialDev partners with you to develop scalable, performant, and secure solutions.

Data, Data, Data

We can help you get it, make sense of it, and tell the story. SpatialDev is on the leading edge of field collection and data mining. Our geo-analysts can put the most powerful geospatial tools to work on your data, deriving stats, creating beautiful maps and visualizations that strongly and simply convey meaning.


The dramatic wealth of social media data exhaust offers tremendous opportunity. We’re leveraging it in new ways to predict where stuff is and might happen - providing valuable insight into solving complex problems (and avoiding some).

Platform Partnerships

Whether you need a prototype done quickly to secure the next round of funding or an engineering team to assemble services and functionality that result in an app that is socially integrated, locally aware, mobile first and commercially viable - we’re your SoLoMoCo partner.

A la Carte

Partner with us to design your UI, manage you through a milestone, code a feature, set strategy or pull together a roadmap. We like to have fun, work with cool stuff, and help good people do good things in the world.